Businesses, Schools, Special Events
Our range of hot and cold finger food has proven to be very popular among local businesses, local schools, and especially for in-home catering for special events.

We can help you with your catering needs for your next business meeting, school function or home catering event. We also cater for funerals.

We can arrange delivery throughout the local area including Strathmore, Essendon, Pascoe Vale and surrounding areas.

If your catering event is on a Sunday or public holiday, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please call for details.

You can view or download our hot and cold finger food menu’s below.
Let us assist you with your next event. We look forward to helping you make it a great success.


You can view the catering menu online below or you can download the catering menu as a pdf document HERE
Cold Savouries Menu - Click to view

Cold Savouries Menu


Mountain Bread Finger Wraps$48 per dozen or $4 each

  • Tandoori chicken w/ natural yoghurt & wild rocket
  • Avocado, cream cheese, semi dried tomato & baby spinach (V)

Smoked Salmon Blini$54 per dozen or $4.50 each

  • Petite pancake topped w/ smoked salmon, fresh dill & sour cream

Japanese Sushi$36 per dozen or $3 each

  • Assorted sushi rolls served with wasabi & light soy

Classic Club Fingers – $30 per dozen or $2.50 each

  • Tempting selection of our famous triple layer sandwiches

Petite Finger Rolls$54 per dozen or $4.5 each (Minimum of 1 dozen to be ordered)

  • Delightful selection of gourmet fillings

Fresh Asparagus Spears (seasonal)$60 per dozen or $5 each

  • Poached asparagus spears wrapped in Italian prosciutto
    (GF), (DF)

Peking Duck Crepes$5.50 each

1 Round of Club Sandwich$7.50 each

1 Round of Triangle Sandwich$7.00 each

DF dairy free
V vegetarian
GF gluten free

Hot Savouries Menu - Click to view

Hot Savouries Menu

Gourmet Mini Pizza$48 per dozen or $4.00 each ($4.50 each with prosciutto)

  • Roma tomato, fresh basil & boccocini (V)
  • Potato, cheese, onion & fresh rosemary (V)
  • Shaved prosciutto, ham & pineapple


Golden Sesame Crusted Chicken Tenderloin served w/ sweet chilli sauce – $48 per dozen or $4 each


Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable & Olive Tart (V) $48 per dozen or $4 each


Traditional Homestyle Mini Quiche $36 per dozen or $3 each


Succulent Peking Duck Spring Roll w/ a sweet soy dipping sauce (DF) $45 per dozen or $3.75 each


Spinach, Fetta & Pinenut Tartlette (V)$48 per dozen or $4 each


Spicy Curry Puffs w/ chicken or vegetable filling (V) $42 per dozen or $3.50 each


Moroccan Meatballs served w/ fresh coriander yoghurt (GF), (DF) –$48 per dozen or $4 each


Delicious Homemade Sausage Rolls w/ mouth-watering tomato relish $36 per dozen or $3 each


Thai Chicken Pattie w/ a chilli & lime dipping sauce (GF), (DF) $48 per dozen or $4 each


Baby Tartlette w/roma tomato, fresh basil, cheese & onion (V) $48 per dozen or $4 each


Thai Glass Noodle Spring Roll w/ sweet soy dipping sauce (V), (DF) $45 per dozen or $3.75 each


Award Winning Boscastle Party Pie Selection $36 per dozen or $3 each


Savoury Slices- $36 per dozen or $3 each

  • Bacon & zucchini (GF)
  • Sweet potato & corn (V), (GF) 


Mini Filo Triangles – $45 per dozen or $3.75 each

  • Vegetarian (V)
  • Spinach & ricotta (V)
  • Chicken & mushroom



  • DF dairy free
  • V vegetarian
  • GF gluten free
Sesame Chicken
Smoked Salmon Blini
Petite Finger Rolls